Wednesday, March 28, 2007

mobileCloak - shielded bags of various sizes

mobileCloak offers three different bags of various sizes that block 10MHz to 20GHz signals -

mCloak™ for Tolltags, GPS - Mobile Cell Phones, Smartphones, Communicators
Interior: 4 1/2"(w) x 6"(h)

mCloak™ r5 for 802.11b / Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PDAs, ID tag, RFID tags and chips
Interior: 7"(w) x 6"(h)

med Cloak™ for Mobile Phones, Two-way Radios, 802.11b / Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PDAs
Interior: 4 1/2"(w) x 7"(h)

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RFID Asset management said...

Very very interesting products . . .
I am planning to buy few of them.